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Tim Cochnauer

Clallam MRC


“For as long as I can remember I have always enjoyed the water and wide array of activities that the water provides,” says Tim Cochnauer, one of Clallam MRC’s newest members. “My first love is fishing (catch and release), but I am an avid boater, a certified SCUBA participant, a snorkeler, and a general all-around observer.”

Tim arrived in Clallam County from Idaho in 2015 but has been involved in aquatic science for over 50 years, with a 3-year stint with the U.S. Army. Now retired, he worked with a myriad of state, federal and tribal agencies involved with anadromous fisheries during his career, and as an adjunct instructor at the University of Idaho and Lewis-Clark State College teaching a variety of biology-related courses.

Years ago, a mentor in his undergraduate program emphasized the need to give back to the local community, and Tim took that advice to heart. Back in Idaho he worked with grade school and college students and presented first aid and safety classes for the American Red Cross. Once in Washington, he sought an organization that would fit his education, experience and interests. As a biologist he’s eager to get involved in field projects, and is excited to learn about a new set of biological resources. “It’s an entirely new classroom for me,” says Tim.