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Judy D'Amore


Judy D'Amore is a member of Jefferson MRC and co-founder of the Port Townsend Marine Science Center (PTMSC) where she served in many roles for over 30 years, developing and leading K-12 marine education programs, training teachers, designing exhibits, and coordinating research and monitoring projects staffed by middle and high school students. Projects included long-term boat-based monitoring of Port Townsend Bay with 8th grade students, a high school student project using the Friday Harbor Labs’ research vessel and ROV, and follow-up studies of an eelgrass restoration site on the Port Townsend. Judy has also  served as Outreach Educator for Friday Harbor Labs and as Education Coordinator for the Menzies Project, a public involvement research project led by Dr. Jim Norris.  In the 1990s she joined the Peace Corps where she trained communities in Panama on protecting mangrove habitats. She currently works on projects for PTMSC on a contract basis and often returns to Panama to work on conservation activities there.