Terry Williams

In memoriam, Terry Williams

The Northwest Straits Commission has lost a dear friend and mentor with the recent passing of Terry Williams, member of the Tulalip Tribes and a founding member of the Commission. Terry served as a member of the original Murray-Metcalf Commission that recommended the creation of the Northwest Straits Commission, and then stepped up to serve a member of the Commission from 1998 to 2017.

Terry's leadership in the creation of the Northwest Straits Commission built a strong foundation for the organization. He was its longest serving member when he stepped down. During his tenure, he shared stories and knowledge that came from a deep understanding of the Salish Sea and a vision for the future that helped bring people together. He showed endless patience and kindness as he taught us all important lessons about history, treaty rights, and how to protect and restore the Salish Sea.

Our work is inspired by him, and will continue to be guided by his influence long into the future. We also know that we are just one of many organizations that he was involved with, and that he was admired by all who crossed paths with him. 

The Northwest Straits Commission is a regional coordinating body comprised of people who care about the marine areas where they live, and who work together to protect and restore marine resources.

The Northwest Straits Commission carries out regional conservation projects and supports the work of seven Marine Resources Committees through funding, technical support, training and regional coordination.

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August 2022 Commission meeting

August 26

  • Member Spotlight: Phil Green

  • SW Lummi Island Beach Cleanup – Whatcom

    Whatcom MRC

    Many thanks to the volunteers and staff who headed out to southwest Lummi Island for a beach cleanup last month. Whatcom County MRC partnered with Lummi Island Heritage Trust to coordinate the cleanup, held on a remote beach accessible only by boat. Eighteen volunteers from Bellingham and Lummi Island were transported on a landing craft boat to the beach and collected garbage from the beach throughout the morning and into the afternoon. Whatcom MRC has hosted remote beach cleanups in the area since 2019. Read more about their work here.

  • Crabber Education – Snohomish

    Snohomish MRC

    The Snohomish MRC headed out to talk to recreational crabbers in person at the 10th Street Boat Launch in Everett over the first few weekends of crabbing season in early July. Volunteers spoke to over 350 crabbers with information on how to make sure they don’t lose their pot.

    With an estimated 12,000 crab pots lost in Puget Sound every year, reducing the number of lost pots helps keep harvestable crabs from being trapped in a derelict pot. Click here for tips on how to ensure you can Catch More Crab!

  • San Juan takes a closer look at False Bay

    San Juan MRC

    False Bay is of great biological significance to the San Juan Islands and the Salish Sea, and is an important recreational site for residents and visitors. San Juan MRC kicked off a project this summer to carry out outreach and monitoring to help ensure the natural areas are preserved and remain desirable for recreation, and to better understand the growth of algae in the bay.

    Outreach, done in partnership with Friends of False Bay, is focused on the biodiversity of the bay, why it is protected, the importance of eelgrass, and why visitors must keep their dogs on leash.

    Monitoring is focused on a genus of algae (Ulva) that blooms annually in the bay every summer, affecting marine life and human enjoyment of the area. To provide a better understanding of Ulva and what may be influencing its growth within the bay, an intern, jointly supervised by the MRC and Friday Harbor Labs, is leading monthly monitoring efforts assisted by MRC members.

    Click here to read more about San Juan MRC’s work in False Bay.

Member Spotlight: Phil Green

San Juan MRC

Phil Green joined the San Juan MRC in August, 2013 though he has been attending MRC meetings regularly for many years. Born and raised in Massachusetts, Phil made his way to Washington State in 1973 for a job with the National Park Service.

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