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Natasha Cuomo

Snohomish MRC


Natasha Cuomo was inspired to help restore and protect the environment after moving here from Macedonia and seeing the wealth of marine resources in the Pacific Northwest. She is a restoration ecologist representing the Tulalip Tribes on the Snohomish MRC. Her specialty is in restoring salmon habitat, especially Chinook and coho in estuaries and rivers.

Natasha appreciates the coordinated effort the MRC and its partners contribute to restoration and conservation projects, and values being a part of a team that includes interests and perspectives from different parties. She likes how the MRC delegates leadership of different projects to subcommittees of people who can best support those particular tasks.

Natasha is excited to continue helping restore ecosystems and is proud of work she did with MRC members and outside consultants to prioritize creosote pilings in the Snohomish estuary so that they can eventually be removed from local marine waters.

Natasha would love to see more people who support tribal interests get involved with Snohomish MRC. Her goal is to continue fostering an environment of collaboration and hopes city planners and governments will become increasingly involved in restoration work.